Meet our team

Dealer Services
Whether it's registration, arbitration, IFs, or most other dealer needs, TA is your go-to guy, here to help.
Office Manager
Our very special Mother Goose. Lisa keeps our office running smooth and everyone on track.
Sales Representative
Some may say he is the 'face' of our auction. Cory is here, there, and everywhere you need him.
Title Clerk
Making sure that vehicle titles are managed in a timely and correct manner is a daily focus for Missy.
Being in the business for many years, Todd is deeply involved in many aspects from operations, to transportation, to sales, and many others.
Lot Manager
All incoming and outgoing vehicles run through Jessi and her team. She makes sure vehicles are kept safe and secure.
Keeping with the tradition of this family-owned business, Trent, son of Paul and Rowena, now manages the day to day business activities.
After founding Airport Auto Auction more than 35 years ago, along with her late husband Paul, Rowena continues her involvement with the family business.